Thanksgiving Break.

Long time no talk!  I have been super busy with weekend socials and now, I am finally home for a long over due and much needed break. For all of you college students reading my blog, does it feel after breaks, you need another break right afterwards to refuel up?! Well, I sure do! I’m not sure if it’s because I’m just that tired, lazy, or just exhausted from all of the art projects I have to do. But finally, I can take a break, relax, and spend some much needed time with family and friends.  This passed weekend, I was able to attend a sorority social with college buds. It was a perfect way to end a long week of school work.  I’ll insert a few photos below!  Needless to say, such a great night! But today, it is Thanksgiving and boy, am I still stuffed from all of that turkey and mashed potatoes.  My dad is the BEST cook, maybe I am biased but I should be.  His cooking makes me melt on a cloud of happiness! If I could send food through the internet, you bet I would.  I realize I need a man to be able to cook! (adding that one to the list as well.)  I hope everyone has a warm, safe, and amazing Thanksgiving with their friends, families, and loved ones. As for now, I may dig into some sort of sweet treat now! I’ll post again after break!  Be safe loves & thanks for reading!




Hey blog! Meet my closest friends from school! I love them to death!


Sorry that this photo is turned, still working on how to get used to the site! But, my girl Sarah!


How can I forget a long overdue selfie?! I rarely take selfies so I felt proud enough to post this one!


Hey everyone!

This week has been not so interesting. Just a regular week at school.  The only thing interesting was that I actually got out of the dorm yesterday evening and my big (sorority term :P) made me dinner. Let me tell you, she makes a great roast! That girl spoils me so much. I ended up with an amazing big! But anyways, nothing interesting has happened so far! This weekend will be better since I will be attending a sorority social and it’s suuuch a cute theme! (you’ll see what it is soon!) It seems like we have socials every week!! But my big and I will be taking pictures together because I need new profile pictures!! 😉 I will post them around Sunday!! I know this is such a lame post but I promise I will try to post better!  Also, I’m thinking about posting makeup and hair tutorials soon. let me know what you think!

Thanks for reading!!



Renting Apartment!

I can’t believe it! I feel like such an adult now. Is this what “adulting” is like? I officially signed my lease for my apartment with a really good friend from college!!!!  I met her my first day of college.  I went to a friend’s dorm room that I knew from back home and then we started walking around the dorm hall.  As I was walking down the halls of the dorm, I peeked into a girl’s room that was cute and artsy!  I didn’t say anything because I, being the shy person I am, was scared of introducing myself.  Then, I went back to my friend’s room from back home.  I looked at her and said, “let’s go say something to her!”  My friend refused but by the time she was telling me no, I was already out the door.  Little did I know is that she would literally be my “day one” friend.  If it wasn’t for her forcing me to rush, I wouldn’t have even joined the sorority life.  So, my life is better with her in it. (Oh my, the cheesiness and feelings is oozing from me. I just can’t help it!!) We went apartment hunting last Friday and instantly fell in love with the CUTEST apartment! It felt like home away from home. And now, we get to decorate exactly how we want it to be.  And you know what this means?!? Blog posts all about decorating! I don’t know about you but I think decorating is the best part about living somewhere new!! Posted below are a few pictures of us trying to enjoy college the best way we could! Thanks for reading and tagging along with this new part of my life!




How To Have A Lovely Day

Oh the dreaded alarm clock sound… We all know it. And I’m pretty sure that we all hate it.  Knowing that we should be getting out of our warm cozy beds and getting up to do some form of work, school, or just trying to be productive … it is the hardest thing to do. But, it’s something that we just HAVE to do.  From experience, getting up and trying to have a lovely day knowing your bed is so comfy is always such a problem. (Especially when you have black out curtains which you can’t tell if it’s 8 o’clock in the morning or 1 o’clock in the afternoon. Both is a struggle and a luxury.)  I think that I should share tips on how to have a lovely day regardless on how you had to start the morning.

  1. Smile at a stranger. (oh believe me, this can be hard when all you want to do is hide and watch netflix all morning instead of doing what you actually have to do. but once you just smile at someone and they smile back, it really does make a world of difference to your mood… and probably theirs too)
  2. Slow down. (life is really fast paced. and if it’s not, lucky you. but sometimes, (here comes the cheesy quote… brace yourself…) you just have to stop and smell the roses.)
  3. Say Thank You!!! (just simply having someone hold the door for me, it’s such a nice and kind thing to do for someone. besides, they didn’t have to hold the door for you…)
  4. Give a compliment or ten. (I don’t know about you but when I walk across campus and I see a few people wearing the CUTEST boots ever, I man up and tell them how adorable their shoes are. it personally makes me feel really good knowing I may have made their day by a simple compliment.)
  5. Dress nicely. (refer to my introduction. you know, waking up early for the day. no motivation for looking a slight bit presentable simply because you’re tired … and lazy. (guilty as charged.) but once you do look pretty, you feel pretty. and are more motivated to start your day more positively.)
  6. Wear perfume. (obvious reasons. to smell pretty.)
  7. Observe and listen. (self explanatory I suppose.)
  8. Be charming. (adj: being pleasant.)
  9. Laugh. (seriously, it makes your possible bad day pretty good. laughing is nice)
  10. And last but not least, wish people to have a lovely day as well.

That’s all from me for now!  It’s time to make today a lovely day. thanks for reading!!



A New Beginning

Hello people of the internet,

After quite some time about debating on having a blog or not, I finally caved.  Look where I am now; I have created a blog.  Why did I?  I’m not exactly sure.  Perhaps a place to vent, a place to share pictures, and maybe one day I will become blog famous and get paid for writing blog posts about my life… (ha, I wish!)  So hello new friends. I am Emily. A not so typical sorority girl, an art major, aspiring graphic designer who happens to be a broke college student with a lot to learn, a mind that never stops wandering, and a dream for traveling.  Come follow me in my not so interesting life as a college student and maybe we can find things in common.

Let’s be friends!